Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6 weeks later

Well its been exactly 6 weeks since we lost the baby. I had my appointment with my OB doctor today in follow up. Everything looked good, there was nothing extra to tell about what happened to the baby, he just said his umbilical cord was constricted. He didn't know if this was due to my antiphospholipid syndrome , or if it was just a fluke. My Blood pressure was very good today at 117/82. he was happy to hear about me joining the gym and setting goals to get healthier.

He told me he was content with my previous high risk doctor in Topeka, but he feels the doctors in Wichita will be much more proactive. He said they are in with KU med, and the are very good with the tough questions of the future. They can help him and my other doctors decide if having a child is something we can try for again, or SHOULD try again. Basically they will tell me will the benefit outweigh the risk if we decide for another. My previous high risk doctor was so optimistic which is good, but I need someone who will be REALISTIC also. I need someone to point me in the direction of some help with these big decisions. I am such a science/math person, I need numbers, percent's, chances. Yes, to hear that you can have a heart attack or stroke during pregnancy is scary, but what is the actual chance. 2% is much better than 45%. I just feel like I cant make an informed decision and be happy with it until I have some answers. I think that is the closure I need, at least for now. I should be hearing from the Maternal fetal Medicine clinic within the next couple of weeks to get scheduled.

Til then, I just keep going, just keep breathing and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome

Click on the link above to see about the disorder that I have. I have had a lot of questions, so hope this helps. I would say I am the poster child for this lol

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