Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mumbo Jumbo

I've gone to the gym 8 days of  14. I have found it to be very good for me. I get on any cardio machine, turn up the music and just go. I think through my day, my week, and everything else I have on my mind. When I get mad about our situation recently I just pedal  harder and faster. I will get closer to the healthy me. Im doing a lot of sorting still.... not only physically organizing , but my thoughts and ideas also. Ive gone into work a couple hours here and there this week just trying to get myself organized. Its been a slow work in progress, maybe only one to two phone calls a day and that's enough. Im realizing its hard to talk about much still. Im tired all the time still, I hope that gets better with time, and hopefully the exercise helps too. An hour a day of cardio should be plenty a day to keep the doctors away!

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